Tuesday, November 07, 2006

rain dancer

it started with a giggle and i became the rain dancer. Mr Prasad calls me the rain dancer. i dance in the rain. he said i was a red indian chief in the past. i can predict rain. i'm also a medicine girl [i have no idea why he calls he that]. BUT! today, i became a belly dancer or some sort liddat. he said in Egypt, Arab n bla bla, they summon rain by belly dancing. *wow, i didn't know that. lol*
school is just a waste of time. we played monopoly and pictionary today. wahlao, next time cannot call Jivitha to play with us already la. so many hotels and lands. ish, make me bankrupt only.

ohhhh, i want to ponteng tomorrow but if i ponteng, nobody will fetch me to Sunita. brother oh brother, why must you go to college tomorrow? now i must go to school. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..!! someone, please fetch me to Sunita tomorrow. i don't want to go to school. >.<


seryoung said...

RM15. or a meal at McDs. take it or leave it.

JoZilla said...

.. for what?

Jason said...

haha i'd fetch u to sunita for free...but too bad, working. :P

JoZilla said...