Saturday, November 04, 2006

the emo-ness of joanne

i'm dumb.
i'm stupid.
i'm useless.
i'm brainless.

i'm getting dumber each day instead of getting wiser.
this is so not the old Joanne.
i want back the old Joanne. come back to me, the old Joanne. *okay... i'm acting like a despo*

and friends out there, stop acting in front of me. who cares if i got bad result? i don't need your kesian-ness. stop showing i-feel-pity-for-you-faces in front of me. if i did badly this time doesn't mean i'm going to do badly forever. so, don't underestimate me. you don't know what i'm thinking. maybe getting bad result is part of my plan. and i'm going to ambush all of you next year. you'll never know. after all, do keep in mind that Joanne is a cunning and evil girl.


Amanda said...

Ohh no... Joanne the "Jozilla" is cunning and evil now!!

JoZilla said...

YEAH!! beware of JOZILLA.. hahaha..

Anonymous said...

One sign of maturity is the recognition that 'the more we learn, the greater our realization how little we know'.