Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i sent a complaint to the Pizza Hut last week about our beloved "FRIEND" Joe.. oh, by the way, for those who have the slightest idea who on earth is Joe, well he's a TRAINEE waiter in Sunway Pyramid Pizza Hut. do you want to have a look at him? i took his picture secretly when i was eating. here, have a look at this lousy waiter...!

here, this is Mr Joe. it's a bit blur though but who cares. as long as u can see his face or his profile can already lah. ok, here's the complaint i sent last week..

the waiter is so rude. ignored us all the time when we're calling him. just because we're teenagers and he's ignoring us. hello, if we can't afford to eat in pizza hut then why are we inside the restaurant? oh, by the way, the waiter's name is Joe and he's only a trainer. how can he be a waiter with his lousy attitude? he's treating us like as if we're invisible or something. please do something with him if you want to improve your service. and please give your waiters some English lesson. when we were speaking to them in English they were staring at us like they've just heard some new and weird foreign language.

and guess what? the manager sent me a reply today! hahaha..

Ms Joanne,
Thank you for contacting us regarding your experience at our Sunway Pyramid outlet on 26/10/06. Nothing is more important to us than customer service and product quality. Our crew have been trained to be people friendly and to treat customer with respect. While there is no excuse for the unacceptable behaviour as displayed by our crew member as highlighted by you, we are thankful that you bring up the issue to our attention. Please be informed we have taken your highlight seriously and we are currently investigating the matter. Please be assured that corrective actions will be taken to address any shortcomings that you have highlighted. We look forward to serve you in the nearest future.

Thank you,


Carol Ching,
Area Manager.

hahah.. i hope they will fired that Joe guy.. ^^


Jason said...

your own english also quite fail you know that? you seriously wrote the complaint like that? haha.
Anyway, why wanna fire the fella? Better if pizza hut gives u free pizza vouchers or something. If really got...remember me. LOL!

seryoung said...

haha. i don't think they'll fire the guy. just give him some ass-kicking. and hopefully throw you some vouchers. and...remember me also. XD

ZuwerN a.k.a JoannE said...

well, i tink gotta fire the use givin vouchers if the wait-ers din deliver free pizza to customer oso la...shud fire lousy waiters n employ better ones...n next time i tink shud complain bout the klang pizza hut oso!
all pizza hut ppl oso same kes wan! tsk tsk! keep it up jozilla! LAF YA!!

JoZilla said...

jason: who cares about my english lah.. my english bad also wun affect anything lah.. yeah, i wrote it lah.. u think i playing around meh? fire tht fella lah cause he's giving me an eye sore lah.. why must i remember u?

seryoung: why must i remember u also? XD

joanne: haha.. yealah.. later they give us voucher then again the same thing happen. then report again, then get voucher again, then the same thing happen again.. hahahaaa.ha..