Thursday, November 09, 2006

i woke up 6.30 just now. my mom was shouting from downstairs. when i saw the clock, i was very[x infinity] worried. my room was very dark. the sky outside also very the dark, so i thought it's already morning lah. then i thought my mom waking me up to go to school. i thought i was late for school already you know. i started panicking because i not planning to go school on Friday mar. so i thought why suddenly my mom shouting from downstairs. and then.... when i look at my phone, i expected to see the date to be 10/11/06 but then i saw 9/11/06. and the time turned out to be 6.30pm not am.


i don't know what happened to me that time. i really cannot remember anything when i woke up. oh noooo.. maybe Joanne the great + pretty + cute + adorable got some penyakit.. ahhhhhhhh......

oh by the way everyone, go watch The Beginning.. it's nice.. 9.30pm @ ntv7

i love monopoly! dearest michelle, just to remind u, i have 23 pieces of 5000..!! muahahahah.. i'm lovin' it.. and hor, next time cannot call jivitha to play with us. later she sapu away all the lands and build her hotels. and the make me bankrupt. NOOOOOOOOO!

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