Tuesday, November 14, 2006

my computer is so stupid until i can die!!!

argh.. my freaking lousy computer is so freaking lousy. cis, berdebah! keep on restarting only. wait, maybe something is haunting my computer. then i can call Sam and Dean to help me. *dream on, Joanne.. dream on* anyone who is kind enough, please derma me a monitor. my monitor is so lousy.

holidays are coming. what should i do during the holidays?


seryoung said...

why don't u just get one cheap one. standard 15" monitor now cheap only wat. holidays, find a part time job. earn some money. i'm looking for a maid. interested? ^^

Jason said...

i'll give u my 17" monitor in january. If cannot wait then too bad.

JoZilla said...

seryoung: dowan.. i wanna save money.. i wanna buy star tortoise.. haha.. eh, i'm underage lah.. they wun hire me wan lah.. aiyer.. i dowan..

jason: 17".. wah.. i want i want.. i can wait dun worry..