Thursday, December 03, 2009


That's my repetitious life minus the going to school part. I rather go to school now. Srsly. =.=

I don't know about you, but to me holidays seems like horrordays now. I have screwed up bedtime. My morning is your afternoon. My night is well, other's morning. Basically my day begins around 1pm and ends around 3.30am. I can never sleep earlier than 3.30am unless I have to go out the next morning which has the probability of 1/100000000.

I'll blog about Kuching trip later. I have more pictures of act cute dogs alright! I think I can compile them into an album already. Such camwhores!

PS - Michelle, I wish you were here. :(

PPS - Thinking of getting myself a BB. Maxis is having promo now! What say you?


Jason said...

whats a BB?

Joanne Lee said...

blackberry. hahahahahahaha. but not worth it. plans expensive! i shall look out for a cheaper phone. huhu.

Jason said...

u wanna use a blackberry? pls la... not suitable for u. better buy an iphone