Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome To Mah Uni.

After the upgrade to university status, UCSI became crappier. That's in my opinion of course. They're trying their very best to make the uni look nice by adding more glasses to the already glassy building. Now you know where our parents' hard earn money go to. They should just use it to hire better lecturers. Seriously. It's about the quality people. Quality!

Anyway, UCSI has been experiencing serious problems with blackouts these few weeks. It started 2 weeks ago and Thursday became the blackout day. Well, only for 2 weeks. But 2 weeks is bad enough. Imagine the time we wasted and the time we spent just to attend extra classes. Oh yeah, I had an extra class till 8pm the other day. Spent like 11 hours in uni just for classes. 11 hours. All thanks to the blackout that happened on one of the Thursdays.

Poor lost kids trying to find their way out in the dark.

Yeah, thanks to the blackout, we ended up camwhoring.

What's worse is that whenever they have blackouts, the water supply goes off as well. So you can imagine how smelly the toilets were during that time. But when you're in a desperate situation, you've got no choice but to use the toilet. I think it's grosser than peeing or shitting on the ground and then covering them up. Seriously!

And then today, the whole campus experienced power failure again. I was so happy I thought they were gonna cancel our test today. Too bad, false hope. I don't mind doing my papers in a warm and stuffy environment but asking us to carry and arrange our own tables is just too much. Hmm, what are the workers/helpers for anyway? To stand around the campus and be decoratives? Hmm, I seriously don't know.

Sigh. 2 and a half years more. UCSI - the university, the experience. (Currently having the best experience of my life...!)

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