Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome To Mah Crib.

14, Jalan Pantas, Taman Connaught is the best place to live in. Seriously! Wanna know why? Let's go for a short tour, shall we?

This is the living room. Looks more like a rubbish dumpster. I have no idea when and where that newspaper appeared. It was there when I came back yesterday.

This is also part of the living room. My living room is also a dining hall at the same time. Yeah, just look at the rubbish lah! Again, I don't know who is the culprit.

As you can see, this is the dirty sink. I don't know how long those plates were in the sink already la. Gross la. I did wrote a note few weeks ago, but they ignored me. :(

This happened yesterday. One of them ate ice-cream and left the cover nearby the stove. Hungry ants came within a blink of an eye. The cover is still there. wthwthwthwthwth.

This is no place for humans! How to stay you tell me? How? No wonder my pimples aren't getting better. Must be the environment! Now you know why I treat this as my shelter and not my home. Home isn't like this. Home's a comfy place no matter how small it is or how run down it is. Comfy in my perception is clean. The only thing I do in this shelter is lock myself in my room and stare at the laptop. No wonder I'm becoming more antisocial day by day. Must be the environment again! 2 and a half years more. I shall persevere.

PS - Structural Biochemistry is such a deadly subject. I have a feeling I'm gonna get killed by it. But no, I'm gonna try my best and prove myself wrong!

PPS - Gardenia Butterscotch is probably the best bread on earth! Yums!

PPPS - Being an antisocial, I went to pasar malam alone to get my dinner. I find it cool cause I managed to get all the stuff I want and be back home before half an hour. If you go out with a bunch of friends, you'll end up coming home after 2 hours. I need time. More timeeeeee.


Jason said...

clean is good :D. remember my facebook pic "cleanliness is next to godliness". lul

kenwooi said...

haha.. normal la..
my house also like this..
maybe time for cleaning up? =P

Joanne Lee said...

jason: what picture? i forgotten already. lul.

ken: hmm, but this is a bit too dirty la. yeah, but i don't want to be the one cleaning it. it's a shared house and they did the mess. not me.

Stanley said...

Getya crib pimped! =D

Li anne said...

walow.this is what happens when u get un-cooperative housemates -.-
no other friends u can move in with?
all the best for struc biochem!you shall conquer it by His strength :D

`-MeL-` said...

yikes.. I thought my house is bad enough. yea, no point putting notes there wan I tell u. Cos I've tried and it's totally being ignored!!! ahaha

Joanne Lee said...

stanley: They should have a new TV programme; Pimp My Crib. LOL.

li anne: Yeah, one of my friend wanna move in but the house full already. Waiting for ppl to shift out only. Thank you! :)

mel: Your house also very messy ah? Yeah weih, they only give face for one day only. Next day, they ignored again. =.=