Sunday, September 27, 2009

Knock. Knock.

When life had locked me out, I turned to you
And you opened the door.
Knock knock - Lenka

Tonight is such a hot night. Or issit just my room? Nevermind, at least I'm eco-friendly. No aircond. No CFCs released from my house. That's just because I'm allergic to cold air.

I have an awesome toe nail.

Currently my fingers are feeling itchy. I just wanna cut the whole nail away but I can't bear the sight to see my little toe nail-less. Okay, not completely nail-less. Probably just 75% nail-less. This happened way back in July when I played captain ball. Shoe was a little bit too loose, and some incidents happened. No pain, no gain. At least I'm getting a new toe nail. :D

I realised I seldom camwhore nowadays. Compared to last time that is. I just don't like the idea of camwhoring alone. I need a camwhore partner. Kindly send in your resumes to my email.
Do include pictures of yourself too. Lala pose, mat rempit pose, rocker pose, whatever pose also can la. Decent poses please.

PS - Think of Biochem, Joanne. Think of Biochem!

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