Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life's Like This.

P1 is suckier than Streamyx I tell you. I can't connect to MSN since well, in the evening. Websites take a century to load and Youtube, don't even talk about it. Hopeless. Or maybe it's because 11 dudes and dudettes are sharing the same connection. Probably some of them are jamming the connection with downloads. Speaking about downloads, I barely can download anything. Gossip Girl is still stucked at 22% since I don't know when. I don't know how to survive. Seriously.

Life's so repetitive sometimes. Even the food I eat, it's like repeating a cycle every week. What happened to variation?

And while in the shelter of mine, I feel like a sheep lost in a herd of cows. Interests and language, they are all different from mine. While they get to sit and talk and laugh together, I don't. I do what I do best - lock myself in the room. Afterall, what can a sheep do when it's in the cows' territory? It's not easy to fit in. Can't help feeling lonely at times.

Sorry but I can't help complaining about my life. Well, who doesn't?

PS - Oh, did I mentioned that I was chased by a freaking one eyed dog with a wounded ear? I took a picture of it before it chased me anyway. LOL. Poor dog. Wonder who tortured the dog. :(

PPS - Lab is so boring. Tell me why am I a Science student...


Jason said...

u take the pic thats why the dog chase u la...

::joanne ng:: said...

haha. funny one from jason.

aww, bfflku. jgn sad! i'll be coming to cyber real soon. so i'll try to come to cheras when i can aites! i'll meet you then! :D XOXO

Joanne Lee said...

jason: the dog camera shy! :(

joanne: yes yes, come cyber faster! then i can see you more often. :))))))))