Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Camera Shy.

Hello all. Yes, no pictures please. I camera shy. :)

Back to the good ol' Cheras with a new shelter (I call it my shelter because hmm, I don't consider it as my home), and 11 other housemates. Yeah, you 11/eleven/sebelas/sap yat/shi yi.. Bet you're gonna say "Siao! So many people how to stay? You live in a dorm ah?".. But yeah, I'm living there. Still alive and unharmed. Missing the old place though. :(

How was first week of uni you asked? Normal lah. Not like I'm a new student in UCSI also. LOL. Spending alot though. Blame the long breaks! Pfft. Tummy is getting bigger as well. Can't join them for badminton. Blame the timetable! Pfft.

Time to readjust to a new life! With new people and stuff and more stuff.

Ohhhhh, before that...
Unicorn1: Ring ring...
Unicorn2: Hellouu?
Unicorn1: Ring ring...
Unicorn2: Hehhh--hellouuu?



Jason said...

Charlie: i have a bad connection

::joanne ng:: said...

sebelas org ah??? byk giler. so you still stay close to UCSI?

&&& i don't get the unicorns stuff. haha

ven said...

4 people in a room type of accommodation issit???? There's tonnes of them around TARC too, like 13-15 people in a house at times -_-

Joanne Lee said...

jason: HAHAHHAH! ringg ringgg.

joanne: yeap, 11 orang. giler kan? yeap, now much closer. nearer to UCSI and pasar malam. come over one day k. you can stay in my small room. unicorn one ah? wait, i'll give you the link to watch the videos. lol. damn retarded one.

ven: nope, not 4 in a room la. that one kinda squeezy right? mine at most 2 in a room only. but they have alot of rooms in the hse. first floor itself they have 6 rooms. upstairs 4 rooms. a bit crazy lah i feel. yeah, TARC area is also like that.