Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's 1 in the Morning.

The current house I rented in Cheras is some lucky house la. Weekly power failure. Sucky internet connection. How to stay you tell me? I have 3 more years to go weih. 3 more years!

Well, at least during the classes, we get to stalk the cute guy. You know, that guy. ;)

I hate lab reports. Why am I doing Food Science? Whyyyy?

Hey Monday is quite good. Didn't like them at first because I felt that they copied Paramore's style. But neh, they're both different. Homecoming's my current message tone. Cool eh? No more Power Rangers message tone. For now. Taking a break from the missions. LOL!

Looking forward to the school holidays. Not that I'll have holidays, but Sunday School will be off! The only time Spark and the Sunday School teachers get to rest. :)

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