Friday, February 27, 2009

It's In Point Form Today.

  • I planned to leave Cheras early today BUT I overslept. So much for setting the alarm to ring at 8.15am laaaaaaa!
  • I left Cheras at 1.30pm. Guess what time I reached Klang? 4.10pm!!!! I took 3 hours just to get back to Klang weihh! If by car, maximum also 45 minutes only. I love KTM laaaa.
  • While I was in the train to KL Central, I eavesdropped some Malay guys' convo. One guy said "I rapperzz. Jay-Z tu belajar ngan I." I almost burst out into laughter but I controlled. HAHAHAHAHA!
  • While waiting for the Port Klang train to arrive in KL Central, I was listening to songs la. When the song changed to 'This is Home', an express train came by. I thought I was going to the land of Narnia. But sadly, I was still sitting alone at the station. :(
  • When the announcer said "Tren akan tiba di platform 5 dalam masa 12 minit", EVERYONE started lining up. So kiasu. But in the end I got into the train first because I'm kiasu-er. I cut queue! HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Train was super cold. My hands were as cold as ice. Seriously.
  • Thanks to the delay I ate my lunch at 4.30pm.
  • I still can't believe I took 3 hours to get back to Klang. 3 HOURS YOU KNOW!!!!111
  • My stomach's aching now. I think I laughed too much yesterday while watching Love Matters. Seriously funny wei! HAHAHAHA! Go watch it! Lai Ming and her classic line "Chiak pah be?" HAHAHAHA!
  • Legs are aching too. It has been awhile since I exercised so much!
  • I wanna plan a surprise party for my mom's birthday but how? Her birthday's on Monday and I'll be back in Cheras. Oh well. We shall see..

Here's a video for you to see.

Girls are not the only one that can scream when they're excited. Guys can too! HAHAHAHAHA!


Elena Lee said...

ur 5th point classic lah.. haahah... i laughed too.. and I seriously wonder what was in that malay guys mind man.... lawak fella.

Eu-Gene said...

No wonder bus and train stations are always like a zoo rushing into it.. Coz of kiasu ppl like you!

Joanne Lee said...

elena: HAHA! they really funny lo. 12 minutes more you know! that fella was speaking really fast to his friends, then suddenly he started the jay-z thing. LOL man!

eugene: oh noo, i see evil! HAHAHAHAHA! isn't it good? you don't have to go cinema to watch madagascar, you can actually watch it in the bus and train station. EVERYDAY! HAHAHAHA!

ven said...

funny advert!