Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When unknown fellas add me on MSN, I usually reject them. Well, sometimes I'll approve and when they chat with me, I'll put on some fake identity.

They love to ask "How old are you?". Of course I won't tell them la. I'll say "I'm 15" HAHAHA!

You know what I realized? Those people quite bodoh! They can actually tell how old am through my email because of the year 91. Yet they still believe I'm 15. FUNNYYYYY! Anyway, it's good to be younger again. :)

Anyway after confirming that I don't know them, I'll delete them la. Poor them still thinking I'm 15 years old. I still don't understand how can they get my email. It's not on my blog nor on my dead Friendster. Facebook yes but private profile kan?

Oh well. They'll be deleted in the end anyway. :D

Call me antisocial. Yay!


yoon said...

oh yar. what's ur email add? say wanna add me. hahaha..

Elena Lee said...

I get these kind of random people adding me too! but once they say they don't know me or if they say other sorts of non-sense.... they get blocked straight away. :)

Joanne Lee said...

yoon: eh, i added that time. don't know why don't have. nevermind, i readd. :D

elena: yeah. funny people la. don't know why they simply add people wan.

yoon said...

takde pun. =p