Sunday, March 01, 2009

Inside Jokes.

I only have one word to describe my Saturday. TIRING. Seriously. Imagine being engaged with activities for the whole day. I'm no Supergirl nor Wonder Woman on Saturdays. Sigh.

Oh well....

Now inside jokes. I'm sure you guys have your own inside jokes too. I remember lotsa jokes back in my high school days. Cheryl and her generator and air bag jokes. Ashvinni being called Paris Hilton with her chihuahua, Tinkerbell. Ahh, those were the days la.

I have lotsa inside jokes now. So many I just wanna share with all of you but I doubt you guys will understand them.

Here's one.

Guy: "Later I fetch you at 7.40pm kay?"
Girl: "Can"


Oh, here's another one.

A: "Later I went to Midvalley"


Goshhhhhh! There are still loads of inside jokes and they're really really really funny.!

Ahh, I think this post is a little bit syok sendiri. Like I type then I laugh myself and continue laughing and lmao-ing and rofl-ing.

March 4th! I sad. I want Jason Mraz. I saaaaaddddd. Okay la, not so sad la. At least I still have my own personal singer who'll sing to me. :D

Up next: How to speak Chinesy. (I might not post it up though cause I think it's pretty controversial. Eh, remove 'controver' from 'controversial' you get 'sial'. HAHAHAHAHA!)

Need to stop laughing.
Goodnight people. I hunger. HAHAHAHAHA!


Jason said...

syok sendiri maximum la... the way u put it absolutely no one will understand lu. no parking 149! XD

Joanne Lee said...

jason: you understand what. LUL. no parking 149. hahahaa! next time my house no parking 95. hahaha!! karma!!

Rajesh said...

its a good work and nice effort too.