Sunday, January 04, 2009

They Have This EVERY New Year.

Sometimes I wonder why people bother listing down their new year resolutions. You see, first of all, a lot of the items listed down will not be fulfilled or probably we're too lazy to get our butt up to do them. Secondly, why only have resolutions right after New Year? Why not in the middle of the year or end of the year? Anytime also boleh kan.

Nevertheless, I am listing down mine.
  1. Jogging babeh! I need my stamina. And macho gang (you guys know who you are), you can count me in for marathons this year! I'll make sure I'll join at least ONE marathon!
  2. Get my driving license! And roam around Klang freely. (Klang is not an ulu place. Instead, a place with good food - bah kut teh and seafood) Speaking of seafood, I feel like going to Teluk Gong now! Seafood anyone?
  3. I'd like to take one point from Alexis' wishlist - to be able to read faster! I'm a real slow reader with short attention span. Do you know that I started reading Da Vinci Code when I was in Form 3 or 4 and I'm still not done with it! HAHAHAHA! Just about 20 more chapters and I'll finish the whole book I think. But knowing me, I'll never finish that book la. In fact I have lots of books which I've read half way. My mom gave me plenty of Reader's Digest to read but hehhhh, it's lying on my bookcase right now.
  4. List more stuff that might not be fulfilled just to make my list look longer than everybody's.
I'm done with it la! No point listing down more stuff that MIGHT not even happen.

Back to uni tomorrow with only one class! Awww, waking up early again! I'll miss my 'I'll-only-wake-up-at-12pm' days. :((

Anywayyy, goodnight!


Calvin Soo KJ said...

why resolutions? its just kinda like a knock on the head, a gesture to say....buck up, you have to do this, and this, and this....a gentle reminder, if you like. anyways, 1st time here. you remind me of a younger sister i never had....hehehe. cheers and god bless... :)

Joanne Lee said...

calvin: hello there! thanks for dropping by first of all. :) yeah, but it's not easy to the keep them. most of the time we'll just end up forgetting about it or probably too lazy to make a change. well, take care and God bless!

YewChong said...

sad, sad, sad thing that KL people think that Klang is ulu! unfair right? then again, nevermind, as long as we Klang people know that we are un-ulu!

Joanne Lee said...

yewchong: yeahh. very unfair. don't know why they always think klang is an ulu place. oh well. yeahh, we're definitely not ulu people! :)