Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Screwed Up Timetable.

Please save me from this misery. Seriously!

This sem is a bit TOO free. Well, probably now I'm still free since this is the first week and we attend classes just to warm up the seats and leave without learning anything except Business of course. The timetable is pretty screwed up la. I have class later at 5pm woi. Yesterday's timetable was worse. Goodness! How to survive for 4 months?

I think I complain too much. When I was in my first sem, I complained about not having enough time for myself. Now I'm in my last sem complaining about being too free. Probably I should just be thankful that I'm free now and 'enjoy' it before I start my degree (which is the next sem!).

I'm bored. Like really bored!

I need to un-bored myself. How?


Calvin Soo KJ said...

take up photography *grins*

Joanne Lee said...

calvin: i would love to. but first of all, i need to invest on a camera. my current camera is a little retarded. lol.

Hoong Lyn said...

no wonder the pictures are all retarded...hahaha

Joanne Lee said...

hoonglyn: HA-HA-HA! very funny hlyn. very funnyyyy.