Sunday, January 04, 2009


My mom has been bugging me to take my driving license these past few days. Oh, if you didn't know, I can't drive yet. I don't really feel the need to drive la. I enjoy sleeping in the car more. In a way, I'm helping my mom to save money kay. Woahh, bangganyer!

My mom came to me just now and said this.

Mommy: You know Miss Lee (her colleague)'s daughter can drive already la. And she's 17 just like you. Her daughter came to pick her up after work the other day.
Me: Ohh.. Okay loh. I'll take it soon.

SEEE! I think she wants me to pick her up after work! Since the queen is already asking me to take, I think it's time la.

On the other hand, I think my brother's car will be mine since he's always in Penang. *grins*


beathead said...

faster go get it and start fetching me out!

klang - kesas highway - kota kemuning - pyramid/other shopping malls

make sense rite! i pay toll nyeheheh

Joanne Lee said...

beathead: okay boss! you slowly wait la,k. meanwhileeeeeee, i'll wait for you to fetch me out! HAHA!

kota kemuning - kesas highway - klang - bah kut teh - pulau ketam - port klang.... HAHAHA! okay, was just joking about the pulau ketam and port klang.

beathead said...

ya lah. we go out again when you have ze mood for bkt...

haven't had klang bkt in a long while heh...

Joanne Lee said...

beathead: okay. come let's go eat NOW!