Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's Year 2009 Yo!

Ahh, here comes year 2009. An exciting year I hope. More responsibilities, more challenges for sure.

And here I am, with the pre-back-to-uni syndrome. Just when I'm in the mood, the classes HAD to resume la. I'll be pretty free in the upcoming semester though. I'll have 3 subjects only. But they HAD to drag the classes la. I have classes everyday woi! Oh well...

I feel like refurnishing my room. Okay, not the whole room. At least a new bookcase la. Something that looks nicer than my current one and something that will prevent my books from turning brown. Hmm, a repaint sounds nice too! Pink and white? Or blue and white? Or green and white? Hmmmm.. It'll never happen la!

Okay, going to bed now with a half empty stomach. Goodnight.

Maggi anyone? :D

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