Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I think clowns are paedophiles. In my opinion that is. Just yesterday I saw a clown performing in Sunway Pyramid and boy, he was having fun tickling the kids away. No, I did not encounter any bad experience with clowns. It's just that I hate them. Not scared of them mind you. Paedophiles. Eeeww!

I don't understand why kids love them!

Anyway, hooray for the last day of the year. Hooray to me too as I've just discovered that my timetable has changed! Now I have a class on Friday and it's on a weird time - 4pm to 6pm!! Thank you so much for changing it la. Just when I thought I can go back home earlier.. Dearest collegemates, anyone going for class on Friday? I think I'm too lazy to get myself back to Cheras. Sighh.

Whyyyyy? =/

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