Friday, December 19, 2008

Joanne's LoveyDovey Matchmaking Agency - Candidate #1.

Hello everyone.

Girls, please pay extra attention to this post. It's really important. Like really really important.

Ahem ahem. *clears throat*

Good day. Welcome to Joanne's LoveyDovey Matchmaking Agency. To all the girls out there, I have a really good candidate here.

This guy here is Teo Eu-Gene. He's single. Duhhh. He's not looking but he might consider if the right one comes along. ;)

I'm not gonna disclose his age and his personal info here because it's too public you see. It's better if you ask him yourself right? HEHEHE!

What I can tell you is he has a kickass DSLR that costed him a bomb. He looks good with that heavy camera. Yes, it's heavy. Thanks to that lensssss.

Not really a good camera to camwhore but he has his ways of course. *points at the picture below*

He is a nice person with a nice smile and the camera of course. *points below again* You don't have to worry about hiring anyone for your wedding because well, he takes good wedding photos. ;)

Okay, so what you waiting for girls? If you're interested, kindly fill up the form here and mail it to me at the email address below. Please do fill it as creative as possible. Kindly attach a current photo of yourself too. You can photoshop it if you wish to but not so heavy please. He might get a shock if he sees the photo you and the real you.

Poor him has to eat his breakfast alone for now. :( Please make it fast! He's waitinggg!

Remember to email me! :)

Thanks for taking some time to read this. Do spread the word around about this.


PS - This isn't real la. It's just a joke. But if you really want to email me the form, please do so. Thankssss!


peanuts said...

Not really a flattering pose, you should let me review the photos first!


peanuts said...

And by the way, your copywriting has to be indirectly subtle. You're making me look like I'm desperate!

Jason said...


Joanne Lee said...

peanuts: HEHEHEHEHEHEH! nola, i didn't make you sound or look desperate also! :P

jason: you want yours? want want? foc! :)

Jason said...

puhleaze... i dont need an advertisement!

beathead said...

You should have done this for me much earlier! Then I could have found a really nice girlfriend. =///

Joanne Lee said...

jason: sure or not? :P it's FOC wor!

beathead: i STILL can do it for you, you know. then maybe you can have Taylor Swift as your girlfriend. :) it's FOC by the way!

Jason said...

doesnt matter if its FOC or not... coz i'm not so desperate..hahhaha

beathead said...

eh wait. still deciding over katy perry or taylor swift. hmmm

Joanne Lee said...

jason: are you sureee?? or you have someone already? ahem ahemmmmm.

beathead: choose katy perry la. hmmm, but i don't know whether she wants you or not though. you know, fp and all. hahahaha! :P

Jason said...

of course i'm sure...lalalalala

Hoong Lyn said...

so did anyone fill up the form?


Joanne Lee said...

jason: keputusan muktamad? adakah anda pasti jawapan anda betul? anda boleh menggunakan talian hayat anda sekarang.

hoonglyn: nolahhh! nobody at all. sad betul. you fill la. :P

Hoong Lyn said...

fill up on ehalf of you right....but dowan give him high hopes la...hahahaha

Jason said...

ya keputusan muktamad

Joanne Lee said...

hoonglyn: why on behalf of me pulak? you fill up on behalf of yourself la! :D give middle hopes then. :)

jason: anda baru sahaja terlepas peluang untuk menjadi jutawan yang baru di Malaysia. :(

Jason said...

wow... if can become jutawan then i want! LOL

Joanne Lee said...

jason: okay. you really want ah? okay! :P if you get the girl then you're the jutawan already la. :P