Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Happening Life.

I had this conversation some time back with my collegemate.

Pradeep: Hey, you don't party and club, you don't drink, isn't your life boring? You're so not happening!
Me: [I forgotten what I said actually]

Thanks for saying that I'm not happening but hey, you don't have to party and club to be happening and happy and all that stuff. I'm happy with my life. Seriously.

Food makes me happy. People, shopping, movies and more food. They make me happy. Just don't understand people sometimes. Can't they be less honest. Saying that I'm not happening? Urgh. That's unforgivable.

Okay, I was just joking. I know I'm not happening laaa. I accept it as a fact.

My holidays are pretty productive and happening. What beats Heroes and movies marathon? I had 3 movies today and boy, it's just so good! Finally I get to delete those movies and clear my hard disk yo! And download more movies of course. :)

By the way, Christmas is just 5 days away! Yay?

Oh, if you're free, do join us for Christmas Masquerade this Sunday night at Klang Jaya Gospel Hall, 7.30pm. Come with a mask. Duhhh. It's a masquerade! :)


Jason said...

happening = waste alot more money... so it's not that good after all to be so happening. :)

Joanne Lee said...

jason: yess! agreed! waste money on food better right? :P

darythlee said...

Haha, clubbing- come i bring you & take care of u. =) oops...still underage....

darythlee said...

owh, wait - u turning 18 rite? 2009?

Joanne Lee said...

darythlee: i'm turning 18 soon already! not gonna be underage anymore. hah. :P