Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sometimes I wonder why I chose to study in Cheras.
Sometimes I'm just sick with this whole 'living out' idea.
Sometimes I just miss home and the people at home and my pet crabs and fishes.
Sometimes I just miss eating proper meals for lunch and dinner.
Sometimes I hate walking to uni though it's only 10 minutes away from my house.
Sometimes I hate people who are calculative.
Sometimes I just wanna give up everything and be a housewife.
Sometimes I think I complain too much.


J.Nathan said...

Give up everything and be a HOUSEWIFE??
Oops.. Ok, sorry. *ahem*
It's not as easy as it seems you know. Being a housewife has more commitments that you think. Before you know it, you'll be wishing you're a student again. Unless you're married to some super rich dude and can just go shopping/camwhore in the fitting room/sip coffee at starbucks/gossip over long telephone convos etc.

beathead said...

nah you don't complain too much. I know sometimes being away from home is tough.

Take care though. Try and enjoy uni life while u can la :)

jetjet said...

apa la ni ..i travelled to TARC everyday and the journey was an hour pun saya belum complain banyak banyak thankful la my dear friend ..i dun think u can tahan my life of travelling .. =)

Joanne Lee said...

j.nathan: erm, that was just a joke la. :) i know. being a housewife isn't easy as well. need to think what to cook everything, have to do chores, fetch kids, and all those la. hmm, yeah, i think i should find an old rich man. nyehehehe!

beathead: but i think i really complain too much at times. yeah, i will. and i'll try not to complain that much as well. :)

jetjet: erm, but travelling and staying out is really different la. at least you get to go home and eat home-cooked food. i'm sick of all these food outside la. and sometimes i don't even eat proper food. oh well, can't complain that much la. i'm thankful with what i have la. :) but i think i will die if i travel everyday. hahaha.

Hoong Lyn said...

erm becoming a housewife?? found your true soul mate d o not?? haha

jetjet said...

I wud rather live outside than travelling la wei ..hahahah ..try imagine u travelling to cheras from klang everyday ..hahahahahahahaha be thankful xP

Joanne Lee said...

hoonglyn: don't have to find my true soul mate to be a housewife what. can just stay at home and bake and cook. :)

jetjet: but you'll change your mind if you stay outside for too long. lotsa problems one you know. eg: with housemates, food and stuffs liddat. sometimes you just wanna go home. but yes, i am thankful la. at least i get to study and i have a place to stay. :)