Friday, September 19, 2008

How sad. The junkie [my computer] is not working. I think that junk has a mind of its own. Refusing to operate when I wanna copy some stuff from it. Sigh.


Kee_Ken said...

Talking about your Dell notebook?

Laptops need a lot of TLC (which could be tender-loving-care, or tables-ladders-and-chairs, depending on what kind of a user you are) to keep it running nicely. Especially when you NEED it to run nicely for the sake of your assignments and stuff..

Come down to Subang la, I'm more than happy to help give your laptop some pep talk :D

If you're talking bout another computer then forget what I said la, haha.

Joanne Lee said...

kee: TLC. Hahaha! I'm talking about another computer actully but I think it needs TLC too though I've been using my hand to whack it all the time. Saddd.