Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Girls.

We managed to meet up last Saturday. Hanging out again is really fun though I think it's not enough. I mean like we couldn't really catch up with one another. And, why am I always the one who doesn't know anything? Tell me something la next time. =// By the way, sleepover when? I can't wait. :)


Zu Wern.

Sue Ying.

SueYing's pathetic durian cheese cake from Secret Recipe with 17 toothpicks. We could find any candles. LMAO. Cheap I know but at least it's something special right? Bet you couldn't think of this idea right?

Yours truly without braces. ;)

Right retainer. Call me a plastic or more like pwastic since I can't even pronounce things properly after wearing this.. this.. THING. Oh well.. Beauty and it's consequences.

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