Monday, August 04, 2008

Passion World Tour was superb! It was surely great! Seriously awesome!

Hmm, sometimes I think too much. Like seriously too much. Too much that I myself can't even take it. Sigh.

I accidentally pepper-sprayed myself just now. How silly I know. Stupid Chinese. The eyes, lips and body are freaking icthy wei. Stupidity wei. Seriously. Oh well, that's me.

Have to switch on the nerdy mode and nerd. Finals is like in a few days time. Goshhhh.


Kyograne said...

pepper-sprayed ur face ar??
then ur face sure vey reddish~~like pig~~XD
juz kidding~`

Joanne Lee said...

kyograne: hmm.. not so red la. actually it wasn't red at all. just itchy. haha.