Friday, July 04, 2008

Yes, this is an update after a week. I'm a busy person you know. Very busy. Not so busy actually. Just you know, LAZY. =P

Just so you know, I had diarrhoea for a week. Well, almost a week. Thanks to the nasi goreng pattaya from Restoran Al-Barkath. So much for eating there lah. I had the worst diarrhoea in my life. Imagine yourself going into the toilet for 4 to 5 times each day. And it just won't stop! It's like my body is producing shit non-stop. Goodness! I think I've shitted whatever I ate for the past few days already lah. It's not fun to have cirit-birit okay. So san fuuu!!

And I have a lecturer who reads his students' blogs and said that he will sue them for quoting his quotes without his permission. How funny. And his favourite quote is "How are you feeling today?". HAHA.

And I think that Starfield's Hosanna is very nice. :)

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