Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank you all for wishing. Thank you for remembering my birthday. Really appreciate it!

And a million thanks to my dearest Jolene and Mun Yee. Thanks for planning the whole thing for me today. Thanks for the t-shirt. Now everyone is stupid when I wear it. :P

I'm regretting for not going to the Interact Installation Day. I was supposed to go there to get some excellent award or something like that and Mr Anthony actually prepared a birthday cake for me. It was a surprise for me actually. And I didn't show up today. And I think he was disappointed. =/// How I wish I could turn back time and appear there. Sighh... Oh well.. It's over. Can't do a single thing anymore.

So yeah, Happy Birthday Me! =]


耀慷 yewhong said...

how's the feeling of being blind for 5minutes? haha. hope u enjoy the party! FEEL 'HANGFOOK' ANOT YESTERDAY??

Joanne Lee said...

yewhong: so malu wei. walk in the public like that. >< yeah, thanks for the party. yealah, very hang fook lah.