Wednesday, May 07, 2008

For The First Time In My Life.

I cooked my own dinner today!

Oh by the way, I cooked canned food. Yes, you may say whatever lah. Canned food only mah. But still... I cooked my own dinner!!!!!! And it's not those typical canned food like sardines and stuff okay. It's canned curry chicken [yes, they have canned curry chicken], canned prawn sambal and canned baked beans.

But we ate without rice. Very smart of us I know. Haha. Oh well, like what Huei Zhen said, "We are future potential housewives." And yes, I strongly agree with her statement! In case you're wondering who is Huei Zhen, she's my housemate and my cooking partner. =]

I am so proud of myself today!!

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