Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Stupid Things.

I realized I did lots of stupid things when I came to Cheras.

For instance, I opened the canned baked beans with a hammer and a knife. With the help of Huei Zhen of course. Well, that's cause we both didn't know how to use the can opener. The turning kind. The old kind we know la.

Next was about the washing machine. We didn't know what's the "Air Dry" function for. We thought that function was for us to dry our clothes. So we tried that function after washing out clothes. Turned out our clothes were still wet. Kok Hao [but we call him HaoHao] came home and read the function of it from the manual. "Air Dry" is not for our clothes but for the washing machine. Prevent moulds or mosses or whatever crap from growing in it. Oh man, we laughed like crazy. But no matter what, Huei Zhen and I are still future potential housewives!

I'm looking forward to more stupid [or stewpid for Jason] things. =]

Joanne is actually very stupid. Please do not call her a smarty pants.

EDIT: Few days ago, I nearly sprayed Ridsect into my eyes. Now you tell me how stupid I can be.

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