Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pendidikan Moral is the crappiest subject lah. As if lah we can become seorang yang bermoral by memorising those values and definition. Crap! Crap! Crap!

Okay, let's look at this nilai.
Keharmonian antara Manusia dengan Alam Sekitar
Keadaan saling memerlukan hubungan yang harmonis antara manusia dengan alam sekeliling supaya kualiti kehidupan manusia dan alam sekeliling terpelihara.

If this moral value is implanted in each one of us, then why is our country still so dirty? There's rubbish everywhere! If the manusia in our country have this hubungan yang harmonis with the alam sekeliling, then our country wouldn't be so dirty right? Yes, yes. Kualiti kehidupan manusia terpelihara. That's true. But what about the kualiti kehidupan alam sekeliling? I see uncivilized people throwing rubbish everywhere.

So, you tell me learning Moral got use or not? See, I told you. Moral is crap. And we're forced to learn it. >.<

Let's protest and abolish Moral!

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