Friday, November 23, 2007

One More To Go!

Just one more paper and then I'm done. After Biology, I shall say goodbye to my oh-so-faithful angka giliran, BA013A013. Yes, that's my angka giliran since PMR. I don't have to remember it. How nice. :)

Time flies. Probably faster than the speed of light.

Michelle is coming back on 29th of November! How nice. That's like double woohoo since SPM is ending on 26 and she's coming back on 29. And the 5 musketeers shall reunited after a year!
The 5 Musketeers and Sue Jinn.

Michelle, if you're reading this (which I doubt you will), I just wanna say that I miss you very to the power of billion much. Mwah. :)


William said...

wah long time didn't come your blog suddenly got so many updates!
WEEEEE, i have decided that i am not burning Prasad's notes. sentimental lahhh. but i have already keep Sunita's notes aside to be thrown. HAHA.

JoZilla said...

yeapp. i was bored. so i updated a lot. haha.
that's great! keep it. hehe. i'll miss his classes lah.
wow, so fast you already kept it aside to be thrown? haha. i think i'm throwing hers also. no point keeping. haha.