Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sue Ying . .

As you all know, I lost my phone. And my friend, Sue Ying helped me to call my number yesterday just in case the stupid pencuri picks up the phone. But of course nobody picked up lah. You think the pencuri so stupid meh? Curi phone already still wanna use back my simcard.

Anyways, I've already recovered my number. So I'm still using the same old number. And just now, my dear friend here called me. I answered and she hung up. You know why? She thought I was the pencuri, so she just hung up like that. Her reason was
"You sounded so blur lah. I thought it was her. So I hung up lah."

Anyways, I would like to thank God for such caring yet blur friend I have here. Without her, I don't think all these funny things will happen.

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