Friday, August 31, 2007

My phone is gone FOR REAL . .

Yes, it's gone for real. So I guess I really brought it to school. By accidence of course. I don't bring phone to school.
Great! So my 900+ bucks just flew away like that.. Now I gotta use back my crappy E398. No, wait. That E398 is with my brother and he's in Penang now. Double crap.
Nevermind, I shall not think about it anymore.
I shall start eyeing around for phones. I eyed one actually. S500i. It's beautiful.

It's RM 1099. But of course, I don't have enough money to buy it. Since I just bought my 5300 this year. AHHH. I want this phone so badly. Anyone wants to buy for me? Any??

Anyways, my brother took me out for a movie to menghilangkan my sadness. How sweet. Haha. And yeah, we watched Black Sheep. Damn bodoh lah this show. But I like. Like what my brother said, "Only stupid people will like stupid movies". And yes, I am that stupid people. I think he is one too. Since he enjoyed watching it. Hahaha.

Stupidest zombie movie I've ever watch. Baaa~! Haha!!


Jason said...

abel has this phone..i tested it. Doesnt feel nice or convenient when sms-ing. Really needs some time to get use to it. But overall i still think it's one sexy-looking phone! u got no phone? how to contact u then?

JoZilla said...

i'm buying either this one or maybe W580i. if got W580i white colour wan, then i'll buy tht. if dont have white then i'll buy this black S500i. i'm using my mom's phone now. my E398 with my brother in penang. haha. no need to contact me lo. HAHAHAH!