Friday, August 31, 2007

Hapy Birthday . .

. . Malaysia! Happy 50th Birthday. Rock on! Love yourself, love Malaysia.

. . Jason! Happy 22th Birthday, Merdeka Boy! Haha! So, did your plan to be on TV worked?
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Oh gosh. Please ignore my face. Just.. Look at his and not mine.

. . Jordan! Happy Sexy 17! You're no longer sweet lah. So stop telling everyone you're still in your sweet sixteen. Haha! And oh, I don't have a picture of you. Paiseh lah. Hahaha!


Jason said...

oi! u put this pic so horrible! but nvm la..u look more horrible than me..wahhaha. :P anyway thanks for "featuring" me on your And u posted this when the day is about to be over -_-"

JoZilla said...

u dont look horrible here also. haha. dont look at my face lah. look at urs can ad. u're welcome. purposely wan ma. haha.