Friday, August 17, 2007

I . . .

. . . have been tagged by JiaChyi.

So, I gotta list out 32 things that start with 'I'. Neh, I'm not gonna list out 32. Blek!

  1. I am very happy that you tagged me, JiaChyi
  2. I am not that free to list out 32 things as my time is very precious.
  3. I am doing this for the sake of doing it or else my blog will be dead and all my readers stalkers will run away.
  4. I am quite sad because my fellow friends will all go for youth camp tomorrow and I'm stuck at home. =((
  5. I know lah. I know lah. I will nerd during the holidays lah.
  6. I will turn into a geek soon lah.
  7. I can't imagine that wei. *imagining* NONO. Cannot cannot.
  8. I am very hungry now lah.
  9. I want Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts now. =((
  10. I've changed my mind.
  11. I want to eat bah kut teh now. Yes, NOW @ 10.54PM
  12. I know it's impossible lah.
  13. I know you all sure will say "Yerr, gila wan this fella. Where to find bkt now? You think you open your own shop ar? You think you're the king ar? Wanna eat bkt anything you like."
  14. I open my own shop? Not bad idea.
  15. I shall consider about that. Then..
  16. I'll get to eat bah kut teh anytime I want.
  17. I shall eat bah kut teh @ 4 in the morning. Wait.. NONO.
  18. I shall eat my breakfast in McD @ 4 in the morning since they're serving breakfast from 4 to I-have-no-idea-what-time.
  19. I shall drive out illegally in the morning and go to the Bkt Tinggi McDs!
  20. I shall stop crapping already lah.
  21. I'm already wasting my precious time by doing this.
Okay lah. Okay lah. Enough already lah.
If I continue somemore, I think I will exceed 32 also lah.
Must use my time wisely, ie. to study and to sleep.
Maklumlah, masa itu emas tau. Tak boleh simply bazir punyer tau.
Aku ni bukannya kaya. Tak boleh beli masa since masa = emas kan?

Okay okay. I'm really stopping now.


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