Friday, May 25, 2007

scholastic book club!

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yes. Scholastic Book Club is back with more books! haha. if you're wondering what's that. it's a promotion thingy by Scholastic lah. they'll have a whole list of story books in the paper. and then you order them. get the idea?

alrite. if you've got the idea about this thingy. here. let me show you 2 interesting books. yes, it's very interesting indeed. =)

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okay. this book looks interesting. the title caught our(Zu Wern and I) attention. haha. i can't imagine myself reading that book. i thought of buying it. but.. nevermind. i shall save my money. haha.

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okay. this book caught our attention as well. cause the title is very stupid. imagine you reading a book about a llama in a red pajama. lmao.

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