Wednesday, May 23, 2007


the yearly thing is back again. yes! our stupid Canteen Day. stupid school. making use of us to make money for their own use. they've already builded the new building what. they want more Canteen Day for wad. oh wait, they didn't call it Canteen Day this year. it's Hari Keusahawanan Muda. so bodoh. stupid money-faced teachers. if they want money, they should be the one doing all the work what. most of them are so damn rich wei. sit all the canggih canggih cars to school. and they expect US to sell the 15 COUPONS EACH for them. yes! 15 coupons per person. bodoh! even though each book is only worth RM 5. but still... 15 books = RM 75 already lah. crap. they're increasing the amount each student needs to sell every year. when i was in form 1, we need to sell RM 50 worth of coupons. in form 2, i think it's also RM 50. in form 4, they raised it to RM 60? can't remember. lols. and NOW RM 75. bodoh wei. giving us more burden. stupid school. i'm sick and tired of all these Canteen Days wei. out of the 5 years in school, we had FOUR (including this one) Canteen Days wei. stupid. you see. each year the profit they made from the Canteen Day is around RM 100 000. so if 4 years means around RM 400 000 already wei! damn kaya! and our school compound is still so crappy. don't tell me that they spent everything on that crappy new building that is not even furnished. bodoh. our school is just using us for their own kebaikan. kononnyer wanna meningkatkan status sekolah. crap lah.

yes! let's mogok! anti-Canteen Day. it's a crappy thing. waste our energy and time.
but still.. i must sell all the 15 books of coupons. got no choice. so, if you guys wanna come to this crappy Hari Keusahawanan Muda, please buy from me. yes, please. okay. i'm sounding like a despo. if you buy from me, got lucky number you know. tadah!

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look at the number. 188 ar. nice number ar. yat phat phat ar. oh, translate that to Cantonese btw. if you're a banana then so sad for you. anyway, do buy from me, k. and i know that picture is a bit blur. my phone camera not so cekap, k. 1.3 megapixels dah considered hebat tau.

Tarikh : 1 Julai 2007
Masa : 9.00 hingga 3.00 petang
Tempat : Perkarangan Sekolah Convent yg kecil sgt

so.. come okay. you'll benefit in the end. cause you get to see ME everyone there especially our beloved Puan Bahariah, Pengetua CEMERLANG SMK Convent Klg. so.. don't miss out your chance. and, do buy from me. i'm very desperate now!!!!!

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