Sunday, April 01, 2007


okay. so Grace and Leucine tagged me that day. i did it before already lah. i'm not gonna do it again. haha. i don't want to reveal all my weird habits to everyone. 6 is enough already. haha. so, if you're that desperate to know what are my weird habits, you slowly find that post lah. i lazy wanna find for you. haha.

i'm so addicted to Chasing Cars now! ohh, i love that song soooo much.
*If I lay here, If i just lay here, Would you lie with me and just forget the world*

okay. there are so many events coming up. and i'm looking forward for them. Fiesta Craze. Convent IU Day. Sports Day. MID YEAR EXAM!!. VBS. Teen Scene Fest. and of course last but not least. MY BIRTHDAY! i shall come up with a wishlist soon! haha.

oh, btw. thank you, Yeow Sheng for pranking me today. i didn't realised it was April's Fool until he pranked me. YS, you wait. i'll get you back one day.. one fine day. haha. XP

okay. till then. farewell, fellow dinosaurs.

I have big head and little arms! oh, i love Tiny!

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