Friday, April 06, 2007

crazy school

alright. Convent is such a crazy school. you see, where got such school so crazy until they put mid year exam the next day after sports day. sports day is such a tiring day, k. and they're making us to sit for the papers the next day? they're so crazy lah. and of course, crazy school have crazy teachers. okay, my Chemistry teacher.. she's.. just so.. pathetic. i know she's very smart lah, but we're just 20 mins late for her class and she was like "I'm not going to teach you all, I'm only gonna teach these 5 students who came into my class on time." WATEVER lah. it's not like i pay attention during her class also lah. she's always making mistakes when she's teaching you know. and she was so emo-ed with everything, and i think she burst into tears when the lesson ended. ohh. i'm speechless lah.

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