Sunday, September 10, 2006

my bro is useless!!!11

Dearest EDWIN,

you're the world's most useless brother.. can't you just do me a favour and fetch me to the tuition.. what's so hard with that? my tuition's not like in KL or something.. it's just in Chi Liung and you're making all the fuss.. Why the fuss man? c'mon.. mum pays you to fetch me to tuition and you're behaving like this, u useless idiot brat.. you think you're that great? you think you're so smart? you think you're very rich? oh pls.. you're NOT.. you're dumb, you're an idiot, you're so poor.. you AH BENG!! i hate you!! just because you have a CAR and you can DRIVE.. wait till i have my own car, i don't need to rely on you to fetch me to tuition..

so, mum pays you RM 25 for what? for you to spend and leave me at home when you're suppose to fetch me to tuition?

and now i'm just asking you to fetch me to Sunita's extra class and you're like "Let me see if i got anything to do or not.. i'll fetch you if i'm free.."

pls lah.. you don't even work.. you're a slacker.. you don't even go to college.. and you're saying like you're so super busy.. you're a JERK.. you're an IDIOT.. why must i have a brother like you? if only Kelvin is here, i can depend on him..

and.. how am i gonna go tuition tomorrow? are you expecting me to skip it? ohh, i'm not gonna do that.. i'm not like you.. well, i don't wanna be like you..!

u dont need to read it.. just ignore it.. just to release my anger.. ^^

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