Sunday, September 10, 2006

i was looking at the mirror just now.. i just found out that.. my.. 2 of my WISDOM TEETH are OUT! not completely out but i can see some part of the teeth already.. but isn't it too fast?

wisdom teeth usually appear when you're around 17 to 24 but of course for some, it won't appear at all.. lucky for you.. but.. i'm just a small little kid15 years old.. why now? and.. why me?

wisdom teeth oh wisdom teeth.. why are you appearing now when i'm wearing my braces.. can't you appear another time? later u merosakkan my braces then how? LOL.. ignore me.. i'm nuts..


Eu-Gene said...

Well, it has to come out now because... probably you need that extra wisdom now! :D

JoZilla said...

o.O but even with the extra wisdom, i wun make any changes also lah.. hahaha..