Sunday, September 17, 2006

moron's leaving?

moron's leaving this December to Aussie.. i'll definitely miss her.. i hope she will not forget us bak kata pepatah "seperti kacang lupakan kulit".. well this is because 2 of my close friends back in primary school did the same thing..

Wei Wern who dumped all of us in Klang and went to Johor did not bother to keep in touch with us although Alison and I gave us our emails, phone numbers and address.. Geok Juin also kinda dumped us and went to NZ to further her studies.. and of course she forgotten about Alison and I..

and now Moron's leaving? no more moronic pervert in our class next year.. no more moronic laughter next year.. and no more moronic president of the nudist protestant..

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