Saturday, September 16, 2006

it's cutting hair season now.. me, Moron, Cheryl, Grace and Zu Wernie just got ourself a haircut.. and short hair rawks!!

i have a twin now.. Grace is my new twin! we have the same haircut, that's what everybody says.. haha.. yesterday was funny.. i tried being Grace's mirror.. i immitated all her actions.. it's cool u know.. haha..

just now i went lunch with my mum at a restaurant near my house.. so we ordered chicken rice.. the person owning that stall don't look like a Chinese guy so my mum wasn't sure whether to speak BM or Cantonese.. so.. guess what she said..
"Ceng kan pong ngor tapau sama punye macam kita makan"
killer man she.. mixing BM and Cantonese together.. and it turned out that the guy's a Chinese.. hahahahah.. funny..

went Aziz as usual.. and Shan Ken, i'll NEVER EVER give u a sweet worth 20 cents.. u slowly wait lah.. hahaha.. and this Calvin keep on pointing me to Aziz since Aziz don't know my name.. and Aziz saw it.. then he said..
"Apa nama you har? Saya lupa lah.. Jennifer kah?"
swt man.. since when my name is Jennifer.. haha.. i'm J.Lee.. hahahhaha..
*ps.. Mawi (you know who you are), wanna duet a song next time? LOL

ok.. finals is getting nearer.. i think i shall study now.. =)

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