Saturday, September 02, 2006

argh.. my back's hurting.. did i sprain it? i don't think so.. i wonder what happened to my back.. i woke up this morning and the pain is already there.. i didn't do anything this past few days except eating, sitting in front of the computer and sleep.. ah.. maybe it's because of yesterday's hari kokurikulum.. but, the game i played has got nothing to do with my back.. it's just using the hockey stick to hit the ping pong ball.. hmm..

and i'm so addicted with YUI's songs now.. i love Merry Go Round, Feel My Soul, LIFE and Tomorrow's Way the most.. she's so talented.. i'm so in love with her singing.. YUI rawks!!


seryoung said...

err..pregnant? haha

JoZilla said...

... choi.. anyway, no more back pain ad.. haha..