Sunday, September 03, 2006

my smiling tortoise!

since i cannot get hold of the smiling kitty because i don't wanna give Jake the jar of cookie because he still owes me a bar of OREO Jake doesn't wanna hand it to me, i decided to make my tortoise smile!

tadah! my tortoise smiled! well, actually i didn't make him smile.. he smiled himself so i took a picture of him.. oh btw, my tortoise's name is SHAGGY! Shaggy the Smiling Tortie!

love ya lots, SHAGGY~! at least my pet is not edible unlike Dr Zoidberg, 006, Frodo and Samwise.. for those who are confused, click on the link that reads "Give them a chance to SPEAK" at the sidebar of my blog..


seryoung said...

u'll be surprised, in china delicacies include tortoises and turtles. and basically anything under the sun.

JoZilla said...

aiyo.. that one in China wat.. now we're talking about Malaysia.. haha.. my Shaggy's too dirty to be eaten anyway.. so stinky u dare to eat meh? ahaha..

seryoung said...

since when i said i wan2 eat? -_-"

JoZilla said...

i know u have the intention of wanting to eat my Shaggy..