Monday, May 15, 2006

Exam - Day 1

mid year exam is finally here.. i planned to wake up 4.30am to study.. but too bad.. i slept until 6.00am.. haha.. then i went down.. when i came out from the toilet, i saw something black black passed in front of the door.. at first, i thought i was my mum's mop.. then i realised that my mum is not there.. so i called my mum.. she said it's a rat.. i was like, WHAT? RAT? walao.. rat inside my house.. i'm gonna kill you like a chicken, Mr RAT.. then that rat climbed up the backgate and ran away.. siao..

went to school.. everyone is busy studying.. i look at the book also sien already but still all of them can study and read and read until so long.. everyone's complaining that they didn't have enough sleep because they stayed up late to study.. well, i didn't have enough sleep too.. i stayed up late to maple.. haha..

the first paper was BM 1.. it's ok lar.. because it's all essays.. so, i crapped everything that i could to make my essay look long.. i make my writing bigger and fatter so it will occupy more space.. haha.. the second paper was SEJARAH 2.. wah, confirm die.. was yawning and yawning while answering the questions.. i couldn't answer lots of the questions.. especially the essay questions.. so, i tembak-ed most of them.. i crapped all the answers.. all the tak berkaitan with the questions also i put in.. to make it look longer.. but it's still short.. compared to other people's essay.. finished the paper at 12.30pm.. was super sleepy.. so i slept.. haha.. so nice.. dreamt so many things, but i forgotten everything about it.. haha.. woke up 1pm.. just in time to pass up the paper..

till then la.. jozilla signing off.. RAWR~!

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