Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mother's Day~!

Happy Mother's Day~!

Mother's Day
ok.. it's mother's day.. i didnt get my mum anything this year.. instead, i belanja-ed her Domino's Pizza with my few months' saving.. it's worth it.. RM50.80 for 2 pizzas, 1 plate of fried chicken and a bottle of coke.. tomorrow my brother is going to bring us to teluk gong to eat.. this year's mother's day is super great.. loads of food.. haha.. anyways, happy mother's day to all the mothers out there~!

Mid-year Exam
mid-year exam is just 31 hours and 30 minutes away and i'm not fully prepared yet.. i guess i'm gonna get bad results for my mid year.. noooo.. no reward.. >.< hmm.. must try my best..

Gua Tempurung

anyone interested to go Gua Tempurung? KJGH's Teen Scene is organizing a trip to Gua Tempurung on 3rd June which is a Saturday and also Agong's birthday.. happy birthday in advance.. ok, back to the topic.. 3rd June.. keep that day free.. it's gonna be super fun.. so, do join us yea.. oh by the way, this trip cost RM 20.. it's very cheap cause the entrance fee and the transportation is included in it.. so, come yea!

well, guess that's all for now.. till then.. jozilla signing off.. RAWR!!

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