Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Lost IT !!

sad.. i lost my pencil case.. left it in the school corridor.. took it out to mark something on my cheerleading costume.. then i forgotten to put it back into my bag.. then when going back time, i just left without realizing that i didnt put it back inside my bag.. then while i was walking out to the front gate, i suddenly remembered about it.. i ran back to the place like a mad person but my beloved pencil case is not there anymore~~~~!!!!! gone lar.. my pens.. my pencils.. my ruler.. my erasers.. my protracter.. my compass.. my stapler.. all GONE..

if u found it, please return it back to me.. right now, i'm pen-less and pencil-less.. T_T
or if u're a good person, buy me a pencil case n some pens n pencils.. pity me.. hehe..

oh yea.. sports day is coming.. GO MERAH!! woohoo~!!


seryoung said...

itulah akibat kacang lupakan kulit, in this case its joanne lupakan pencil case..lolz!

Jason said...

wow..your lameness has gone up another level!

JoZilla said...

haha.. i found it already.. my fren took it back home for me.. cause she cant find me.. weee~! hehe..