Friday, April 28, 2006

Sports Day !!

ok.. so.. sports day's over.. woohoo~! went to school 7.15am.. we were asked to come at 8am for cheerleading practice.. but nobody came.. only me, chai peng and eee the red hhool.. practiced till 12.30pm.. then went to klang club to shower.. then went to the stadium..ouse kawad kaki.. in the end, we started our practice at 9.30am.. so, i actually walaine was there.. went to the red house deco spot to kepo abit.. then went to the tennis court to ssted 2 hours in sc

the suasana in the stadium is super meriah.. the sports day started off with the kawad-ers.. pity them.. they must stand under the hot sun.. and lots of people fainted.. some of them fake it of course.. u see their facial expression then u'll know already wan lar..

i was supposed to run 4 x 400m but my name is not in the paper.. oh well.. i'm happy.. no need to waste my energy.. after running was cheerleading.. yellow was the first to perform.. theirs quite ok.. the music they used very cute.. haha.. i like one part of their dance.. the shoulder moving moving part.. after that us.. ok.. it's nice in the beginning but the last part, very messy.. i smile until i cant stop smiling.. haha.. overall was fine.. but so sad.. blue house won.. their cheerleading is not cheerleading at all.. so dancy.. so seducive.. like wanna pikat lelaki only.. like those stripers dancing in the night club.. but not that teruk la..

overall, red won.. blue second.. green third.. yellow forth.. purple last.. next year, we will win again.. woohoo~!!

"we came, we saw, we conquer"

here are some pics..
Cheryl and I..

Super Amy, Grace n Zu Wern..

the red kawad-ers marching out!

our school band..

the pembawa bendera..

the prefects marching..

the yellow house kawad-ers..


kenren1990 said...



Jason said...

we came, we saw, we conquered! lolz. Mana video? tipu me only u..

JoZilla said...

haha.. the new superheroin in town.. XD

..aiks.. i'll correct it later.. got lar.. i havent upload.. take so long to upload.. very lazy..

seryoung said...

walau...super amy
super fail lah i think =_="

Jason said...

what the heck are these words - hhool, walaine, ouse ??

JoZilla said...

.. er.. technical problem.. my mouse.. double click itself.. so when i drag the pics down, the words go nuts..

Jason said...

sure or not mouse prob? not your hand problem? XD

seryoung said...

its vedi veni vinci in roman...famous words of julius caesar

JoZilla said...

we used that as our slogan too.. haha..